Currently, Italics Publishing is not accepting any unsolicited submissions. 



We are drawn to original voices telling unforgettable stories, regardless of genre. We do, however, prefer contemporary, commercial, and genre fiction. Techno-thrillers, crime thrillers, and detective series are in high demand on our editor’s agenda, and tasteful, smart romance will find an open mind here at Italics. On occasions, we endeavor to publish a revolutionary, outstanding non-fiction book, such as business or self-help.

To submit a proposal, please use the form below with the following information:

  • Title and author name in the subject line;
  • A brief author bio and bibliography;
  • Your book’s proposed title, size, and target audience;
  • A short synopsis of your book;
  • List of other comparable authors or titles: who’s your competition?
  • What are your marketing strengths? Social media following?
  • The first one or two chapters, as an attachment (Word, PDF).


What We Will Do:

  • Respond to your submission quickly (usually within 72 hours);
  • Ask to read the full ms if we see potential.


What We Won’t Do:

  • Expect exclusive submissions in today’s competitive market environment;
  • Charge you for anything whatsoever.


Note: Please do not submit the same work multiple times. If something fell through the cracks and you haven’t heard back within a week, give us a nudge.




Media, Promotional, Events Inquiries, and Foreign Distribution Rights

For information about promotional, media, and events inquiries regarding Italics titles and authors, as well as foreign distribution rights, please contact us.


TV / Movie Rights

Please submit an inquiry letter by contacting us , detailing your contact information, title of interest, author of interest, and brief description of proposed project.

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